Jack Rabbot Dataset and Benchmark (JRDB)

JRDB is the largest benchmark dataset for 2D-3D person tracking, including:
  • Over 60K frames (64 minutes) sensor data captured from 5 stereo cylindrical 360° RGB cameras and two LiDAR sensors
  • 54 sequences from different indoor and outdoor locations in the Stanford university campus
  • Over 2.3 milion high quality 2D bounding box annotations on 360° cylindrical video streams generated from 5 stereo cameras
  • Over 1.8 milion high quality 3D oriented bounding box annotations on continuous 3D point clouds from two Velodyne 16 LiDARs
  • More than 3500 time consistent trajectories (tracks) in 2D and 3D
  • Download train and test splits.